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How to launch a successful business

At Photopile, we are all about helping our clients succeed. And many of them really know what they are doing! They come to us having it all figured out.
Other clients aren't that blessed, though. Many are considering launching their own business because they hate their 9-to-5 jobs. That's the main idea on
their business plan!

Real-life example: one of our customers was having a very tiring 9am-to-11pm job! And with a stay-at-home wife and three little kids, a work schedule like
that was surely going to tax the entire family sooner or later. A quick, drastic change was badly needed.
So, how do you determine if your business idea is going to be successful? Here are a few criteria that will help separate the weed from the chaff.

1. Successful businesses solve other people's problems, or make them feel better about themselves. So, if you want to launch a successful business, ask
yourself what is the problem that you are trying to solve. Write down the answer including as many details as possible. Then, search the web, looking for
potential competitors. Are you able to fight them? What makes your sales proposal unique? If you can't get a unique angle, or at least beat your
competitors by offering your services or products at a lower price, failure is almost always guaranteed.

2. Are you an expert in your field? Let's hope that you've answered a sound "yes!". But even if the answer is negative, don't lose hope. There are lots of
courses that you can take and get qualified in almost any industry field within 6 to 12 months. Ideally, you should be able to solve a pressing problem, and
do it better than your existing competitors. If your solution isn't way better, your potential customers won't see the need to choose your services, and
will pick your competitors' services instead.

3. Have you figured out who are your target customers? Write down as many details about them as you can. Would you prefer to work with big companies,
small business owners, single moms working from home, teenagers were looking for a job, and so on?

4. How will you reach them? Once that you have figured out the profile of your ideal customer, find out where these people meet. Maybe they spend time
at a few forums, for example. If this is the case, be sure to join those forums! Or maybe they've got a specific Facebook group. Becoming a group member
should be your top priority, of course. Then, get involved in the conversation, learning as much as you can about them.

You can also launch a paid traffic campaign, but if you're just starting out, it is wise to conserve your financial resources. It should be obvious, but when
you quit a regular job, you start having more time and less money at your disposal. So, use that extra free time to become a regular contributor at the top
10 forums where your potential clients meet.

5. No matter how hard you will try to avoid spending your 9-to-5 dollars, you will have to invest some money into your new venture. Hopefully, your
business idea doesn't require a huge investment. As an example, our starter graphics package for small businesses, which includes two logo versions and
matching envelopes, brochures and letterheads only cost $299. Contact us for more info. Other companies will ask 10-15 times more to do the same job.

Be wise and pick a company that respects your budget and is willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed. Start small, build your business, and then,
once it takes off, invest more money into it. It's always better to be a little pessimistic when it comes to profits, because this will help you invest less
money at the very beginning. Of course, once your business is in the green, you can start spending more.
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