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How to launch a successful

At Photopile, we are all about helping our
clients succeed. And many of them really
know what they are doing! They come to us
having it all figured out.

Other clients aren't that blessed, though.
Many are considering launching their own
business because they hate their 9-to-5 jobs.
That's the main idea on their business plan!

Real-life example: one of our customers was
having a very tiring 9am-to-11pm job! And
with a stay-at-home wife and three little kids,
a work schedule like that was surely going to
tax the entire family sooner or later. A quick,
drastic change was badly needed.

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How to build your brand

Building your brand from the ground
up is complicated. Your main goal is
to make people smile when they
think about or interact with your
company. I know, I may have
exaggerated a little bit, but that is
the main idea.

Some business owners think that
branding is important only for big
corporations. Nothing could be
further away from truth! This is
your small business' chance to fight
and win the war with the big names.
Everyone has fair chances when it
comes to fighting for recognition

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Why you need a website for your

If you're reading this article, chances are you may
want to have a website designed for you. It's one of
the key assets that can improve your business'
reputation and credibility in many ways, according

I am pretty sure that there are two main reasons
why you aren't 100% sure about this, though.

First, you may think that having a custom website
designed for you will cost $10,000 or so. That's a lot
of money for somebody who is just starting an
online-based business! At Photopile, web design
services start at only $500, so you can confidently
order from us - we've never charged $10,000 per
website, even when we've worked with big

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Welcome to our website!

We are an award-winning team of graphics and web

We have been in this business since 2005, and we've got
hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.

We offer a lot of value for your money. To give you an
example, all our projects come with unlimited revisions.
Our services

• Custom graphics design

• Printing services

• Brand development

• Web design (HTML/Wordpress)